T-Shirt Time

Decided it was time to work on another clothing item. I have some purple knit fabric I bought a while ago to make a skirt. My knit skirt was a fail, but thankfully I have a Burda pattern that was able to make use of the fabric.

This pattern is labelled as being super easy, and since my sewing skills, as far as making clothes, are still a work in progress, I figured this pattern would be a great option. It didn’t require facing, zippers, buttons, or anything like that, so this seemed a good practice project. This pattern called for a twin needle, which I didn’t have, so I did have to buy that.

This pattern has the option of making a t-shirt or a dress. I chose to make the t-shirt, as I wasn’t sure that I had enough fabric in one piece to make the dress, since I had cut up the fabric previously for the skirt. I also figured since the t-shirt was smaller, it would be a little easier.

I traced the pattern onto tracing paper. My local fabric store sells Burda tracing paper, with grid lines and without. This lets me save my bought patterns to be used again, which is great if it is a pattern I would like to make more than once. I am also careful when I pin the pattern pieces to my fabric, so that I can save my traced pattern pieces to use again. Once I am done cutting and marking the fabric, I fold the traced pattern pieces and tuck them into the pattern sleeve with the actual pattern.

There were only two pieces to cut out, the front of the shirt, and the back. This was one of the reasons I chose this pattern. I didn’t have to cut out anything else, nor did I have to buy any other notions that get sewn on.

When I was ready to sew, I switched out my machine needle to the twin needle. Normally I have no problem threading my machine needle, but I found threading the twin needle a little more difficult. Thankfully I was able to get it threaded before I got too frustrated.

I sewed a small piece of fabric to make sure my needle and all the machine settings were correct. I then sewed my two fabric pieces together according to the pattern instructions. Since the neckline is the first thing that is sewn, the neckline on the second fabric piece was sewn a little better, as I got the hang of catching the edge with the twin needle.

This pattern really was super easy. This was probably the easiest pattern I have made, or tried to make. It is also one of the better pieces of clothing I have made so far. I have a maxi skirt I made more than a year and a half ago, which I wish I could remake now. I’ll have to keep my eye out for jersey so that I can make another maxi skirt, and more t-shirts.

Hopefully one day my wardrobe with be full of my homemade clothes. Anytime there are sales, I tend to buy patterns and fabric. Now, I need to decide what I feel like trying to make next.

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