Tie-dye Poncho Top

In an effort to try to get better at making my own clothes, I found a diy poncho top on Pinterest that seemed like a good easy project. I have made a couple of skirts and a pair of pajama pants that turned out fine, but I want to start making more than that. I keep finding great patterns for tops and dresses, but admittedly, I have failed slightly on a couple super easy patterns. I figured if I could make this poncho top look good, and actually have it be wearable out in public, it will motivate me to keep working on making my own clothes.

I debated using fabric I already had in my stash, but decided to check out the end of bolt rack at the fabric store. I lucked out when I popped into my local fabric store. They were having their end of season clear out of fabrics, and right at the end of the sale, I was able to get a couple meters of fabric for 75% off. I picked out a blue and white tie dye fabric. It is more lightweight, which I like, as I wanted this top to be a little drapey.

I decided to cut my two rectangle fabric pieces into 16″ by 48″. I would have cut 16″ wide strips the full width of the actual fabric, but since it was almost 60″ and I am short, the top would have a looked a little long on me, so cutting the length of the strips to 48″ was more appropriate for my height.

After cutting the two fabric pieces, I folded over and seamed the long sides (48″) of each piece.

Once I seamed the sides, I marked where the neck opening would be for both the front and the back. To attach both sides together, I laid the seam of one of the rectangle over the seam of the other side, and pinned to hold the fabric in place. I sewed from the neck marking I made down to the bottom. I flipped the fabric and sewed the other side together in the same way. This turned my tie-dye fabric from two rectangles to a wearable top.

To close the sides, I added eyelets about 2″ apart, starting 1″ from the bottom. I used 20 eyelets, 5 on each side of the front, and 5 on each side of the back.

This top provides the option of wearing the sides open and loose, or tied up, creating scrunched sides at the hips.

I love the loose casual feel of this top. I can wear it to work with skinny pants or jeans. I can also wear it casually hanging out at home with a pair of leggings. I feel this is the most successful garment I have made so far. Now to decide what to make next?

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