I started learning to quilt more than a dozen years ago. I have been a knitter since childhood, but have always loved quilts, and thought it would be a hobby I’d enjoy. While I still love to knit, over the last 5 years, quilting has become my main hobby. I started the Here a Stitch website in 2017 as a way to share my projects as I grow creatively.

In June 2020, I decided to expand my website and open an online quilt shop. I am a quilter who loves precut bundles. There are so many amazing fabric collections out there, but I can’t always find precuts in the fabric collections I want. This led to the decision to open a shop focusing on precut fabric bundles in fabric collections I love and find interesting. My goal is to be able to offer a wide selection of precut bundles, especially collections that aren’t as widely available.

Happy Sewing!


Here a Stitch Quilt Shop is an online Canadian quilt shop based in Nova Scotia.



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