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Madeleine Coomey Yarn Bowl

**I received this product free to review. The opinions expressed below are my honest, unbiased opinions.

For all of the years I have been a knitter, most of my life, I never knew that I needed a yarn bowl. I have always knitted just fine without one, though ball of yarn I’m knitting with will occasionally fall off the couch as I knit should I shift suddenly or try to get up without moving my knitting. When I was given the opportunity to review a yarn bowl, I figured I should try it and see if it would be a useful tool for my knitting needs.

The yarn bowl in question is a bowl by BC potter Madeleine Coomey, sold at Yarn Canada. It is ceramic with heart cutouts, and comes in a few different colours. I chose teal, as it is one of my favourite colours.

When I received and opened the box, my first reaction is that the bowl was a little bigger than I thought it would be, though I don’t know why I would think that, as if it was smaller, it wouldn’t accommodate very many sizes of balls of yarn. I can’t deny, it is a very pretty yarn bowl. I am happy with my selection.

Since I do most of my knitting while chilling on the couch watching TV, I set up the yarn bowl on the side table next to where I like to sit. As the skein of yarn I was using was a pre-wound skein, I had to squish it in to be snug, so that the yarn would pull through the hole in the bowl easily.

Balls of yarn that are wound by hand, and in an actual ball shape, would fit easiest in this bowl. Skeins of yarn that come unwound, and get wound with a yarn winder also fit nicely in these bowls.

Unfortunately for me, I have a cat who loves yarn, and has been known to find a bag full of yarn and help herself to a ball of it. As far as she is concerned, I got her a new toy that makes playing with yarn more fun.

The bowl is useful for small or newly started projects. Assuming the ball of yarn (or yarns) doesn’t take up the entire space in the bowl, small projects like mittens or socks could be placed in/on top of the bowl whenever taking a break from knitting or needing to get up to get a drink. If I could leave my knitting unattended overnight, it would be great to just place my project in/on the bowl and put it aside until the next morning, but I don’t think my cats would let me do that. I would wake up to find yarn somewhere on the floor, or worse a broken yarn bowl. That is a downside to this bowl versus a wooden bowl, it would need to be kept where it wouldn’t easily fall or be knocked off a surface.

I am surprised at how useful a yarn bowl is. I didn’t have to continuously shift my ball of yarn around to keep it in place. There were definitely a lot less balls of yarn falling onto the floor while I was knitting. This is a great addition to my knitting accoutrements. Who doesn’t like something that is both pretty and functional?