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Handmade Christmas Ornaments

After, finally, getting all my Christmas gifts made and wrapped, I can start working on my own craft projects again.  Since it is the holiday season, I decided it would be the perfect time to make a couple of ornaments, a plastic canvas star and a no sew quilted ball ornament.

The stars are pretty easy to make.  Other than needing a sheet of plastic canvas, they can be made using yarn or metallic cord (like Loops & Threads), or a combination of both.  This opens up any colour combination, so they can be made to match any sort of décor.

Using one plastic canvas sheet I cut out three different sized squares, 27 by 27, 21 by 21, and 15 by 15.  Each square will be cut into a star.

For each of the squares I cut out the corners.  For the large square (27 by 27), cut 8 squares down and 8 squares across for each of the corners.  The medium square (21 by 21), cut 6 squares down and across out of the corners, and for the small square (15 by 15), cut 4 squares down and across for the corners.  Once the corners have been cut out, I created the points of the star.

With all the star pieces cut, I picked out the colour pallet I wanted.  For this star, I used off-white yarn for the big star, silver metallic cord for the medium star, and a blue/silver metallic cord for the small star.  Starting at the tip of one star point, I threaded the yarn/cord diagonally to the top square between the star points.  I continue this pattern for each point, using one long thread of yarn or cord for the entire star.

Once all three stars have been covered with yarn/cord, they are sewn together through two holes in the centre.  With the star made, thread a piece of yarn or cord through the tip of one star, to be able to hang the ornament.

In addition to the star ornament, I wanted to make a quilted/patchwork ball ornament.  I wasn’t really finding any patterns for the type of ornament I was envisioning, but I found lots of links and pictures for no-sew quilted ornaments.

Every year at work, we do a secret elf gift exchange.  The person I picked this year to secretly elf, seemed like a good person to receive a homemade ornament.  Since I had most of the materials, and most places online indicate it is really easy to make, I figured this was a great time to make one.  I used The Spruce, I Heart Naptime, and YouTube video from Shabbyy fabrics as my instructions on how to make this ornament.  In addition to cutting out 40 2.5″ squares from 3 pieces of fabric (8 from one fabric, 16 from each of the other 2), I used a 2.6″ styrofoam ball that I got from a local fabric/craft store, Atlantic Fabrics, about 220-230 pins (I used these bridal/lace pins from Fabricville), and 12mm wide ribbon.

The no-sew quilted ornament was super easy.  I was able to make it in one evening, while sitting and watching TV.  I loved the way my secret elf ornament turned out, so had to make one for myself.