• Finished Patchwork Pouches

    Patchwork Pouch

    I am always misplacing my knitting needles. I work on a knitting project, and will forget to put my needles back after I have finished the project. The next time I need to use that needle, I…

  • Quilted oven mitts

    Woodland Oven Mitts

    As I work my way through the long list of projects on my to do list, making myself a pair of oven mitts has been on the list for a while. I previously made a little apron…

  • Twisted Pole Table Runner Complete

    Twisted Pole Table Runner

    Since I have a little more time these days, I have been able to focus a bit more attention on my craft projects. I have been meaning to make myself a twisted pole table runner for a…

  • Mini-Tumbler Table Runner

    Mini-Tumbler Table Runner

    A year and a half ago, I had bought the Mini-Tumbler Table Runner pattern. Along with the pattern, I bought both the Pepper & Flax and Vintage Holiday mini charm packs to make the table runner. Pepper…

  • Quilting

    Christmas Pot Holders

    As I like to make handmade Christmas gifts nowadays, I had to start thinking about what I was going to make this year back in the fall. Originally I was thinking I would make quilted or patchwork…

  • Quilting

    Patchwork Christmas Stocking

    I love Christmas. I am one of those crazy people who could watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music throughout the year, even the summer. I love finding unique decorations and ornaments to decorate my house…