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Quilt Block Hot Pads

Quilt Block Hot Pads

With the Christmas season getting nearer, I am trying to be more organized and productive with my holiday projects than I have been in previous years. Usually as much as I plan and try to work on projects and gifts early, I always wind up rushing to get them done last minute. This year will hopefully be different. One of my favourite holiday projects to make for people are pot holders and hot pads. They are useful for people who cook and entertain, and they are quick and easy projects to make.

I thought making some larger hot pads using one quilt block would be a great project. I can definitely use some hot pads for large pots and pans, especially casseroles. Some quilt blocks have more piece work, and can be a little more intricate, so they can make a really beautiful hot pad.

The two blocks I am starting with are the Aunt Dinah and the Road to California blocks. Both of these blocks are nine patch blocks, so each block is made up of 3 rows of 3 smaller blocks.

My quilt block hot pads are larger in size, measuring about 10-12 inches. I cut my fabric pieces into 5 inch squares. To make the finished hot pads smaller cut the fabric squares smaller. If I had cut my fabric into 4 inch squares, the hot pads would have measured about 8-9 inches.

When making hot pads and pot holders, especially as gifts, it is important to add a thermal layer such as Insul Bright or Therm Fleece. This will ensure the pads are more heat safe for counters and tables. It is also important to use cotton quilt batting, as batting with polyester could melt with heat.

Besides being a great, practical gift, quilt block hot pads are a fantastic way to try out new quilt blocks. You get to see how easy or difficult a particular block is to make. You also get an idea how a quilt block might look in a larger project, such as a table runner or quilt.

Quilt Block Hot Pads

If you are looking to make handmade gifts, consider making some quilt block hot pads. I am definitely planning on making more. I just need to decide which blocks I make into hot pads and pot holders next.