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Diamond Charm Quilt

It’s been a while since I worked on a quilt. I started this diamond charm quilt a few months ago after making a couple small checker board quilts. I love making simple quilts that are easy to whip up. More detailed quilt tops that take longer to make are also fun to make, but sometimes you just need to make something. A small, easy quilt is the perfect project for those moments.

While this quilt was fairly quick to make, I put it aside before adding the binding. After sitting around for a few months, it seemed like it was about time I added the binding and finished it, since it was almost finished. This quilt was made similar to the checker board quilt. It used one 42 square charm pack and 42 white squares, 84 charm squares in total. Instead of laying out the squares as squares, I angled them like diamonds.

I love the colours and patterns of the Nocturnal collection by Gingiber, and thought it would be perfect for this project.

I did not have a plan for how I laid out the squares. My layout was random, though I did try to avoid placing the same colours or prints next to each other. That does not always work though, as I have mistakenly wound up with similar colours, or the same print in a different colour, side by side. That is even when I have laid out the fabric pieces on my quilt wall before sewing the quilt top. It happens.

Diamond Charm Quilt

For the white half squares, or triangles, along the edge, normally you might just put a full square along the edges and then trim around the quilt top. I chose to cut the squares into triangles before piecing the quilt top, when I laid out the pieces on the quilt wall.

After laying out all the fabric pieces, including the triangles, I sewed the pieces into strips. I then sewed the strips together to make the quilt top. My quilt top measured about 38″ by 44″, which was the perfect size to use a craft sized quilt batting.

I found a dark blue fabric from the Melange collection by Stof Fabrics for the backing and binding. This fabric coordinated well with the Nocturnal charm pack. I kept the quilting simple by sewing about a 1/2″ along the seams. This created a nice diagonal pattern with the quilting.

I love how this quilt turned out. It was easy and quick to make, and it looks great. I would love to create a bed sized version of this quilt.