• Flowy Wrap Complete

    Flowy Wrap

    With the weather warm and constantly being at home, I am always wearing comfortable clothes, such as sweatpants, leggings and t-shirts. In an effort to expand my work from home clothes to include nicer options beyond sweatpants…

  • Purple T-Shirt - Burda 6540

    T-Shirt Time

    Decided it was time to work on another clothing item. I have some purple knit fabric I bought a while ago to make a skirt. My knit skirt was a fail, but thankfully I have a Burda…

  • Poncho Top finished

    Tie-dye Poncho Top

    In an effort to improve my clothes making skills, I found a diy poncho top that seemed easy. I have made pajama pants and a couple of skirts that turned out fine, but it is time to…

  • Quilting,  Sewing

    Patchwork Apron

    I decided I wanted to make something with my quilting fabric that wasn’t a blanket/bed sized quilt or a table runner. I like the idea of making an apron. I figured it would be an easy project,…

  • Sewing

    Super Comfy Maxi Skirt

    I love maxi skirts and dresses.  Unfortunately being only 5 feet tall, most don’t look that great on me as they tend to be too long or seem too flowy and overwhelm my small size.  The style…

  • Sewing

    Pink Floral Pajama Pants

    After taking a short break from sewing projects, I decided I needed a quick and easy project to get my creativity going.  When Fabricville came out with their spring and summer fabrics, I had my eye on…

  • Sewing

    Olive Twill Skirt

    When I decided I wanted to start sewing, I looked through the few patterns I bought a dozen years ago, and dug out a Simplicity pattern (#5564). I figured this pattern would be a good first project,…