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Craft Room Curtains

Craft Room Curtains Finished

My craft room has been without curtains for the last few years. I have been wanting to make a set for a while, but have been indecisive on what fabric I want. Fortunately, I was recently given some leftover decor fabric. Originally, I was going to use it for a little cushioned foot stool. After deciding I really needed curtains for the craft room, I altered my plan. I realized this fabric went with the colour of the room, and decided to use it for curtains instead.

I wasn’t sure how much fabric was left on the roll, so I rolled it out on the floor. There wasn’t as much left as I was hoping. When I measured, the fabric was about 54″ wide, which is wide enough to cut into two panels. The length of the fabric left on the roll however was 39″, barely enough to cover the window, top to bottom. I decided to take a chance and turn the fabric into curtains anyway.


Once I rolled out and pressed the fabric, I cut it in half. Each panel measured approximately 39″ long by 27″ wide. Since I was cutting it close with the amount of fabric, I simply folded all the sides once and sewed a 1/4″ seam. I would prefer to double fold and ensure the raw fabric edge is hidden and secure, but that would leave the curtains too short for the window.

Curtains side seam

Since I didn’t have any curtain rings or enough fabric to make tabs, I simply folded the top over, leaving an opening to slide the rod through.

I finished off the curtains by hemming the bottom, and hanging them up.

Craft Room Curtains Finished

These curtains did wind up a little short. To make the curtains work, we hung the rod as low as possible. I also left the bottoms unhemmed. Finally after a few years of not having curtains, the windows in my craft room have some privacy. I feel I am ready to make curtains for all the other windows in the house. I just need to keep my eyes out for some fabulous fabrics.

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  1. Add a coordinating or contrasting fabric across the bottom to make the length correct….it will finish them perfectly

    1. That’s a great idea.

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