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Olive Twill Skirt

When I decided I wanted to start sewing, I looked through the few patterns I bought a dozen years ago, and dug out a Simplicity pattern (#5564).

I figured this pattern would be a good first project, since it is supposed to be an easy, learn to sew pattern. Also, since the skirt I planned to make was skirt A, which is basic, it wouldn’t look to dated, so if the skirt turned out nice, I would be able to wear it.

I decided to pop into a local Fabricville location and look for an inexpensive fabric. Since this is the first garment I will have made since 7th grade, I didn’t want to spend too much money, in case the skirt wasn’t wearable. Luckily, I was able to find a solid twill fabric on sale for $4.49/m, so I bought 2 meters in the olive colour, as well as a zipper, thread, and a pack of hook/eye closures.

Material for my first skirt.

With everything I need, I got to work pinning the pattern to my fabric, and got all the pieces cut out. Sewing the front and back pieces was easy. Attaching the zipper was easier than expected, but I probably could have done it a little better. The waist was the most difficult part of the skirt. Attaching the fusible interfacing to the waistband was easy, but sewing the waist to the skirt bottom turned out a little messy.

Simplicity #5564 Skirt before doing the hemming.

The design of the skirt is basic enough that I could wear it, but unfortunately I made it one size too small, so haven’t been able to try it on.

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