Patchwork Christmas Stocking

I love Christmas. I am one of those crazy people who could watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music throughout the year, even the summer. I love finding unique decorations and ornaments to decorate my house for the holidays. There are some great crafty, handmade ideas out there, and I figured I needed to increase my Christmas decor with some handmade projects.

Since I love quilting, and I love the look of patchwork designs, my first Christmas project was to make patchwork stockings to hang on the mantle over my wood stove. Missouri Quilt Company has a nice pattern for patchwork stockings, so last year I bought the pattern when I was buying some fabric.

I chose Moda’s Hometown Christmas Edition by Sweetwater charm pack to make two stockings. I thought the colours and patterns would be perfect for a stocking.

I opened up my charm pack, laid out my fabric pieces, and picked out 10 squares for each side of the stocking. Since each 5″ square winds up being cut into four 2.5″ squares for the patter, the stocking can be made using mini-charm packs. One side of the stocking would need one mini-charm pack, 38 squares required per side.

I did a modified version of the stocking pattern, as I wanted to do the patchwork on both the front and the back of the stocking. I did not use any batting for my stockings, and simply lined the inside by sewing a solid piece of fabric to the back of the patchwork pieces. Since I did two sides of patchwork instead of just the front, I needed to use double the 5″ squares, 20 squares instead of 10. This meant I only got 2 stockings out of one charm pack, whereas the MQC pattern makes 4 stockings.

The shape of the stocking is created by making three strips of 6 squares for the bottom of the boot, and 5 strips of 4 squares for the top of the boot. Once all the fabric pieces are sewn together into the shape of a stocking, I pinned it to a piece of solid red fabric, which will line the instead of the stocking. To secure the patchwork piece to the lining fabric, I stitched in the ditch. I then trimmed around the boot so the lining fabric was the same size and shape as the patchwork boot, and to ensure my edges were straight. I did this for both the back and the front of the stocking.

To round the foot and heel of the boot, I used an apple core template and my rotary cutter. This is done before sewing the back and front of the stocking together.

With the front and back of the stocking lined and trimmed, I match them up with the patchwork sides facing together, and sew a 1/4″ seam around the sides and bottom. The top of the stocking does not get sewn shut. Once the stocking is sewn together, turn it right side out.

In order to hang the stocking on a fireplace mantle, I cut a strip of red fabric that was 10″ x 1″, which was made into a bias strip and sewn to the inside of the back seam.

To finish of the top of the stocking, I used cream flannelette, which was folded in half, with the cut edge sewn to the top of the stocking.

I love these stockings. I can’t wait to hang these on the mantle over the wood stove. Even though it is only August, finishing these makes me a little excited for Christmas.

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