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Patchwork Pouch

Finished Patchwork Pouches

I am always misplacing my knitting needles. I work on a knitting project, and will forget to put my needles back after I have finished the project. The next time I need to use that needle, I can’t find it, and wind up buying a new one. In an effort to stop losing knitting needles, I decided I would use some of my quilting fabric to make a patchwork pouch to help store and organize them. This way I can keep my needles, especially my circulars, together. When I am working on a project, I can keep the pouch with the project, and keep all of my needles together. Hopefully, my needles won’t get misplaced anymore.

After I made the first pouch, I liked it so much, I decided to make another, and then another. These patchwork pouches are easy to make. They consist of 52 2.5″ squares, and can be made using a jelly roll, charm pack, or mini-charm pack, which is perfect for using those random precut bundles I have sitting around. Also perfect for using up fabric scraps. I used leftovers from a Sweetwater Sunday Supper jelly roll for the first pouch, a Prairie Grass charm pack by Holly Taylor for the second, and To Be Jolly mini charm packs by 1 Canoe 2 for the third.

To make them, I laid out my squares in 8 rows with 6 squares, and then placed 4 squares on the top. The top row with 4 squares is going to be part of the flap of the bag. I cut the end squares on the top 2 rows diagonally, as these 2 rows will form the front flap of the pouch.

Patchwork Pouch Sunday Supper

I cut a piece of quilt batting in the same size and shape as the patchwork piece. To make the pouch less bulky when it is turned inside out, I trimmed 1/4″ off each side of the batting. Before adding the lining, I quilted the patchwork piece and batting together.

After quilting the patchwork and batting, I cut out the lining.

Patchwork Pouch with Lining

Before sewing the patchwork and lining together, I cut out 1/4″ notch from the side of the flap. This will ensure the flap is the same width of the bag once it is all sewn together.

Patchwork Pouch

With the lining and patchwork facing right sides together, I sewed 1/4″ around the edge, leaving the top unsewn.

The opening at the top will allow the pouch to be turned right side out. Before turning the bag right side out, clip the bottom corners. This will make the corners a little more flat. Pull the bag gently through the opening. In order to get the corners looking nice, I used the tip of a chalk pencil to push the corners.

Patchwork Pouch turned right side out

Once turning the bag right side out, press the bag. Fold the top opening 1/4″ into the inside with the batting and press. Sew a 1/4″ seam around the edge of the flap. This will close the opening at the top and provide a stitch line at the edge.

Before turning the quilted piece into a patchwork pouch, add a snap or button.

After adding the snap or button, fold the bottom third of the pouch against the middle section, with the patchwork facing together and the lining facing out. Sew the middle and bottom together along the sides. Turn the bag right side out. The snap, or button/button hole, should line up. The envelope patchwork pouch is ready to use.

These pouches have been perfect for organizing and storing my knitting needles. I have one pouch for circulars and one for double pointed needles. The third I will use one for some sewing storage. These are cute, and are so easy to make. They were the perfect project for using up leftover jelly roll pieces, and a great use of a charm pack or mini-charm pack.

Finished Patchwork Pouches

Now that I have made these pouches, I want to make patchwork storage bins for my craft room.

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