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Quilted Storage Bin

After making a couple patchwork pouches to store my knitting needles, I decided to make quilted storage bins for my craft room. This will become storage for fabric, since I have a bunch of precut bundles stored in different places. These bins will allow me to organize them, and will also make my craft room a little more decorative. The first box made use of leftover pieces from a Sweetwater Sunday Supper jelly roll. My goal is to make a storage bin that measures approximately 8″ by 12″.

Quilted Storage Bin Fabric
Leftover Sunday Supper jelly roll pieces used for Quilted Storage Bin.

I had enough scraps left to make a brick pattern. After making my measurements for the size of the box, I chose to cut the jelly roll pieces into 2.5″ by 4.5″ blocks. I cut 40 rectangles, 8 for each of the short sides and 12 for each long side. After sewing the blocks together, the short sides measured 8″ by 8.5″, and the long sides were 8″ by 12.5″. For the bottom of the bin, I cut a 8.5″ by 12.5″ piece of fabric in solid navy. In order for my storage bin to have structure, I used flex foam.

I looked around for inside lining options, and lucked out on finding a great blue and white print. I cut the lining fabric into pieces the same size as the outer pieces. To turn these pieces into a the box shape, I sew the sides of the lining to the bottom, and then sew up the sides.

I opted to add some quilt stitches to the outer patchwork piece. I did this before sewing the pieces together. This provides some nice texture with the quilt stitches, and secures the flex foam to the fabric.

Flex Foam in Quilted Storage Bin
Inside the storage bin before lining.

The outer pieces are sewn the same as the lining. In order to ensure the seam is on the inside, I sew the outer pieces with the flex foam facing out. Once the outer pieces are sewn along the bottom and sides, I turn it right side out.

Quilted Storage Bin
Storage Bin before lining is added.

I added handles on the short side. I cut a piece of fabric 2″ by 6 ” (or slightly shorter), and then add interfacing to give the handles a little structure. Fold the handle piece of fabric in half, with the edges folded in, and sew around the edge. Sew it to the short sides of the bin.

To put the lining and outer piece together, I place the lining inside the outer piece and pin along the top, trying to line up the side seams.

Lining pinned to outer piece.

To finish off the bin, and secure the lining and outer piece together, I add binding along the top seam. This only secures the lining along the top, so to keep the lining from coming out of the bin, it would help to sew the lining and outer piece together along the seams. I was going to sew the lining along the bottom seam, but since I used double sided fusible flex foam, I didn’t need to. I pressed my hot iron inside the bag on the bottom to secure the flex foam to the bottom lining.

This bin is perfect for storing my precut bundles, especially jell rolls and charm packs. My cat also loves it.

Cat trying to claim storage bin.

It fits perfectly on shelving in my craft room, and makes the room a little more decorative. I have more space on my shelves, and a lot more fabric, so will have to make more bins to decorate and increase storage.

I can see myself using these for storing many things. Now I have to decide on the fabric for my next one.

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