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Painting Pre-Printed Canvas

While looking for paint brushes in Dollarama in order to paint wooden numbers that we want to use for our house numbers, I came across printed canvas kits for $4.

There were four different prints, and each kit came with the printed canvas, a paint tray/palette, and six tubes of acrylic paint.

This seemed like a fun project, especially for someone who is not a painter. I picked up the flower canvas. I thought this might make a cute decoration for my craft room.

Unfortunately, the final product didn’t come out as nice as I had hoped it would. Mixing the paints together to get the purple for the flowers, and darker red for the bow, resulted in colours too thick/dark that the print didn’t come through as well as it did on the leaves, where I used the green without mixing anything, including black or white.

Even though the result wasn’t what I thought it would be, this is a great way to paint for someone life myself who hasn’t painted since junior high (or a fun activity for a child).

I am tempted to create my own printed canvas, and try this again, only I would probably go to an arts and craft store like Michaels and just pick out the colours I want instead of worrying about mixing paints together.