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Petal Pouch Bag

Petal Pouch Bag

It has been a bag making weekend. I should get working on my holiday projects, since I always face a crunch once November comes; however, I feel the need to make bags.

This weekends project was the Petal Pouch zipper bag from Noodlehead. A project that can be easily made in a weekend. You could probably make more than one bag in a weekend. This pouch requires few pieces, two fabric pieces for the exterior, two for the lining, two pieces of interfacing for the exterior fabric, and a zipper. The pattern comes with instructions for two sizes. I decided to make the larger size, but I have plans to also make the smaller one.

This is a good project for beginners. Great for working on zipper sewing skills. This is also a great project for fat quarters.

Petal Pouch pieces

The pattern is available as a pdf. I chose to print two copies of the page with the pattern piece. The first copy I cut out the pattern as is. For the second printed copy of the pattern, I cut out the dart corners, so I could easily trace the dart lines on the fabric pieces.

With the pattern piece printed, the first step is to cut out all the fabric and interfacing pieces, and attach the interfacing to the exterior fabric pieces. Once all the fabric pieces are cut and ready to go, mark the darts for the bag corners.

The zipper is sewn along the curve of the fabric. To keep the zipper in place when sewn between the exterior and lining, it helps to baste the zipper to the right side of the exterior fabric. After basting the zipper to the right side of curved edge of one exterior piece, place the lining piece right side down, and sew the fabric sandwich (exterior, zipper, lining) together. After attaching the zipper, fold the exterior over, and top stitch the zipper to the exterior fabric. Repeat for the other exterior and lining pieces.

After sewing and top stitching the zipper, sew the darts closed. Keeping the zipper open, pin or clip the right sides of the exterior together and the right sides of the lining together. Fold the zipper towards the lining of the bag, and try to line up the seams of the darts. Leaving an opening at the bottom of the lining, sew the bag together.

Once the bag sewn together, pull the bag right side out through the opening in the lining, and push out the corners. Sew the lining closed, and push the lining into the interior of the bag.

Petal Pouch Bag

Besides being relatively easy to make, the petal pouch bag is a great little multi-purpose bag. I plan on using as a make-up/personal care bag, but it could also be a good pencil case or craft storage for tools and notions. It will make a great travel bag for personal care essentials.