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The Joy of the Seamless Sweater

If it wasn’t for snow and ice, Winter would be one of my favourite seasons. The cold temperatures make it perfect for sweaters, and I love sweaters. There are so many great knitting patterns for sweaters out there, that I could make myself enough sweaters to wear a different one every day for a month. At the rate I am going, I will likely have replenished my winter wardrobe with hand knit sweaters by next Winter.

I probably would have more hand knit sweaters in my wardrobe by now if I didn’t hate seaming sweaters. I have at least one sweater that has been waiting to be finished for a good 7-8 years. Thankfully I have discovered a lot of amazing sweater patterns that are knit seamlessly in the round, no seaming needed, yay.

The first seamless sweater I made was the Harrison sweater pattern by Amy Miller. I love how this sweater turned out, unfortunately I probably should have knit a size larger. I also don’t love the yarn I used to make it. I would love to remake this sweater using a different yarn.

Harrison Sweater, pattern by Amy Miller

I recently finished the Cold Breath pattern by Joji Locatelli. This sweater is fantastic. It is currently one of my favourites, and since I made it using Patons Classic Wool, it is nice and warm, perfect for the cold days of winter. The cost of the yarn also made it fairly affordable for a wool sweater.

Cold Breath sweater, pattern by Joji Locatell

The newest addition to my sweater collection is the Iceberg pattern by Veera Valimiki. I made this sweater out of Briggs & Little Sport yarn, which is 100% wool and affordable. Though Briggs & Little is a little rustic for a yarn, i.e a little scratchy and smells like lanolin, I love using this yarn. It is budget friendly, and has some good options for colours and yarn weights. I have used it previously for a blanket and a wrap.

Iceberg sweater being blocked

This pattern was super easy to make, and fairly quick. To knit the sleeves, I used short circular (9-12”) Chiagoo needles. I don’t really like using double pointed needles, so having the shorter circular are perfect for knitting the sleeves in the round, without having to worry about any laddering happening down the sleeve. I chose to knit a size up from what I would have normally, as the pattern calls for a DK yarn, and I was using a Sport weight. I also needed to go down a needle size in order to knit the sleeves with a circular, as the biggest needle size I have found for 9-12″ circulars is 5.5 mm.

Front view of sweater

Of course this pattern was seamless, knit from the top down. The split side openings give this sweater a unique look. Between the weight of the yarn used and the side openings, I can see this sweater being perfect for both Fall weather and early Spring.

Side slits of sweater

This is a great addition to my wardrobe. I could definitely see myself making another one at some point in a different colour.

Thankfully, the sweater is kitty approved.