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Checker Board Quilt

Checker Board Quilt

Sometimes I when want to make a quilt, I want to make one that will be quick and easy to put together. One of the things I love about precut bundles is that they help make that happen. Charm packs are especially convenient in making an easy quilt. I can pick out the fabric collection I want, buy the number of packs I think I’ll need, then all I have to do is layout the squares and start sewing. I have made a couple of quilts this way. This simple charm quilt I made a few years ago used four charm packs that I laid out. No cutting needs to be involved.

I was feeling the need to make a nice easy quilt. After doing some thinking, and browsing through Pinterest, I settled on making a small quilt with a checker board layout. This quilt requires 80 squares, perfect for two charm packs, one charm pack of printed fabric and one solid white charm pack, or 40 white 5″ squares.

To create the checker board, you just need to layout the squares alternating a print square and a white square. The squares are laid out in 8 columns by 10 rows. This creates a lap or baby sized quilt that measures approximately 36″ by 46″.

Checker Board Quilt Layout

This quilt is also perfect for making into a bed sized quilt by simply using two layer cakes, one print layer cake and one solid white layer cake. You can make it bigger or smaller by simply adding or removing columns or rows of squares.

Checker Board Quilt

This is a quick easy quilt to whip up. Great for making a gift for someone who would appreciate a small homemade quilt. Which charm pack would you use to make a checker board quilt.