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Flowy Wrap

Flowy Wrap Complete

With the weather warm and constantly being at home, I am always wearing comfortable clothes, such as sweatpants, leggings and t-shirts. In an effort to expand my work from home clothes to include nicer options beyond sweatpants and t-shirts, I am looking for options that can look good with leggings, and make me feel more presentable to the world. I have a loose comfy wrap I bought from Roots that I love. I wanted another loose wrap to wear with my leggings. Instead of browsing online stores for something I could order, I figured I would just make one. I bought Vogue pattern 1610 a while ago, and decided to try making my own flowy wrap.

Vogue 1610 Pattern

I pulled out navy floral fabric from my stash which I had bought specifically for this pattern. This fabric is lightweight, and will give my wrap a loose, flowy look and feel. The navy and grey colours of the fabric are a little more neutral, and I’ll be able to wear this with many different colours.

Flowy Wrap Fabric

Since I made this with the intention of wearing it loose and open, I opted not to make a belt. If I change my mind, I have enough fabric leftover I can always make one. While working on the neck band, I forgot to add interfacing. Thankfully, the neck doesn’t look too bad. It would have had a little more structure, and a cleaner look had I used interfacing.

Flowy Wrap Complete

This pattern was pretty easy. It was much easier than I anticipated it would be. I will probably shorten the sleeves a little more, as they feel longer than I’d like them to be. This garment also would have had a more professional look had I lined it.

Wearing Flowy Wrap

I am very happy with this wrap. I wouldn’t limit myself to wearing it at home with leggings. It could dress up a pair of jeans and a white tank top. I could also throw this on with my skinny work pants and a pair of heels, and wear it to work. I feel it is only a matter of time until I have a diy wardrobe. What’s next?