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The Stash

How do you know when you have too much craft supplies?  How much is too much?

I had created a spreadsheet for fashion fabric I was buying, so that I could keep track of what clothing pattern I had or needed for each piece of fabric.  I realized I needed to update that spreadsheet with a few purchases I had made.  While I was adding the new fabric to my file, I decided I would add separate work sheets for my quilting fabric and my yarn.  Once I had updated that file, I realized I had more stuff than I had thought, and I figured it might be a good idea to put myself on a no buy plan, no apparel fabric, no quilting fabric, and no yarn, until I started to use up at least some of what I had in my stash.

Looking at my spreadsheet, I have 24 cuts of apparel fabric that I haven’t used.  Out of those 24 pieces, 21 of them I already have a pattern for.   I basically have enough fabric and patterns in my possession to create a new wardrobe.  However, every time I walk into Fabricville, I can’t help but browse through their discount rack at the back of the store, and of course, I always find something that I think will make a nice piece of clothing, and when it is $2 per meter, it can be hard to resist.

Apparel fabric for future wardrobe

With my non-apparel fabric, I knew I had enough for a few quilt projects, but when I went through and made a list of the quilt fabric I had, I found that I have at least 11 possible projects, not including the quilt in progress that needs backing fabric.  At least 5 or 6 of those projects are full size quilts, ranging from a lap sized quilt all the way up to a King sized quilt planned for the master bedroom.  I also have a quilted table runner planned for the Autumn Air charm pack I bought recently.  The other 4 or 5 bundles of fabric are just fabric I had to have, but I have no idea what to make with them yet.  Much like when I walk into Fabricville, I can’t stop browsing the online selection available at quilt shops.  There are so many fabric bundles I would love to have, but it seems ridiculous to continue buying quilt fabric, when I have barely made a dent in what I have already.

Quilt fabric

Finally there is my yarn stash.  While my yarn stash is small compared to some people, I could probably hold off buying more for a little while.  After taking inventory of what I have, I have enough yarn for 9 sweaters that haven’t been started, patterns already picked out, 3 single skeins that could make socks or hats, and that doesn’t include the 4 sweaters currently in progress.

Yarn stash

I know my fabric and yarn stash is small compared to other people, but I have enough planned projects to keep me busy for at least a year, possibly longer.  I wish I could take a month off work and just focus on making things.  And although I tell myself I shouldn’t buy any more fabric or yarn for a while, I know the next time I pop into a fabric store to buy something I need, like a zipper or backing for a quilt, I will probably find something on sale that I just need to have.  My small stash will only grow larger.

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