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Zippered Patchwork Pouch

Zippered Patchwork Pouch Finished

I am back in bag making zone. This time my focus is on a zippered patchwork pouch. My plan is to use these for storing and organizing small craft supplies, but these would also be great for other uses. They could make a great make up bag, pencil case, or could even be used as a little clutch. So many possibilities. These little zippered pouches are also a fantastic project for using small precut bundles, such as charm packs and mini charm packs, as well as using up fabric scraps. They can also make great little gifts for anyone who loves getting custom, handmade gifts.

I made two zippered pouches using two different methods. For each of the pouches I used the following materials:

  • Patchwork pieces x 2 (front and back), each measuring 6.5″ x 10.5″
  • Lining fabric x 2 (front and back), each measuring 6.5″ x 10.5″
  • Batting or flannel x 2 (front and back), each measuring 6.5″ x 10.5″
  • 9″ zipper
Woodland Zippered Patchwork Pouch

My first pouch uses Woodland Fusion fabric by Art Gallery Fabric. I followed this tutorial by MADE Everyday.

For the outer patchwork pieces, I used 30 2.5″ squares, 15 for the front and 15 for the back. I chose to add quilting stitches, so cut 2 pieces of flannel to place on the back of the patchwork pieces to add the quilt stitches.

The zipper is sewn between the lining and patchwork, with the right sides of the lining and patchwork facing in. After attaching the zipper, turn the right sides of the fabric out, and top stitch the zipper.

Woodland Zippered Patchwork Pouch Stitched

Once top stitched, I opened the zipper, which is a very important step. I then folded the rights sides of the patchwork together, and the right sides of the lining together, and stitched 1/4″ seam on three sides of the bag. I left the bottom of the lining piece unstitched so I could turn the bag right side out, which is why you want the zipper open.

Brick Zippered Patchwork Pouch

The second pouch uses leftover fabric from an Olive Market jelly roll by Lella Boutique. This bag uses this tutorial from Missouri Star.

I made this one using a brick pattern. I cut 12 rectangles measuring 2.5″ x 4.5″, and six 2.5″ squares. For this bag I chose to add quilt batting and quilted the patchwork, batting and lining together.

I also top stitched the zipper on this bag to secure the zipper and keep it flat.

Brick Zippered Pouch Stitched

This pouch only needs the right sides (patchwork sides) facing together to stitch the sides and bottom. Keeping the zipper mostly open in order to turn it right side out. Once stitched, It helps to clip the bottom corners to help turn the corners out.

These zippered pouches are a great quick project. These bags can be made larger or smaller depending on who or what they are being made for. I might have to make a bunch for different uses, craft storage, make-up bag, storing my hair ties and clips, so many uses.

Zippered Patchwork Pouch Finished

Anyone else love making bags (large or small)? What is your favourite bag project or pattern?

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