Mini-Tumbler Table Runner

Mini-Tumbler Table Runner

A year and a half ago, I had bought the Mini-Tumbler Table Runner pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company. Along with the pattern, I bought both the Pepper & Flax and Vintage Holiday mini charm packs to make the table runner. Pepper & Flax felt like it would be perfect for spring, and Vintage Holiday would make a nice holiday runner.

The pattern and fabric sat around for six months before I finally started. Since I started this in February 2019, I figured I could get this finished by spring, and have a nice table runner ready to decorate my dining table for spring. I decided to use my three Pepper & Flax mini-charm packs, as well as 13 Bella Solids charm squares in natural. Unfortunately, even though I started this early enough to complete by spring, this table runner sat around. Distractions with other things delayed my progress.

Cutting up all my fabric pieces and sewing them together was quick and easy, and then the pieced top sat around for another six months before I made it a priority to decide on my backing fabric. After looking around I found a grey and white gingham that went well with the Pepper & Flax fabric.

It took another month or two before I finally laid out my table runner layers, and got the thing basted. Of course, once it was basted it sat around for another couple of months, mainly because it was now fall, and I was distracted with getting my Christmas projects made. By the end of December, I got working on quilting and binding the table runner. It is ready for spring 2020.

I decided to quilt wavy lines along side the seams of the mini tumbler pieces for the main quilting. I was thinking I would try something more decorative for the border. In the end, I opted to do three straight lines spaced about 1/2" apart. Thankfully the straight lines don't look too bad, I was afraid the border stitches would wind up wonky. I love how the quilting turned out. It was easy to do on my basic, not so fancy, sewing machine.

I now have a table runner ready for Spring. It only took a year, mainly due to the distraction of other projects. I have a few Vintage Holiday mini charm packs in my stash. I may consider making a christmasy mini tumbler table runner, we'll see.

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