Patchwork Apron

Patchwork Apron

I decided I wanted to make something with my quilting fabric that wasn't a blanket/bed sized quilt or a table runner. I like the idea of making an apron. I figured it would be an easy project, and there were lots of possibilities of designs. I chose to make a diamond patchwork half apron.

A while ago, I had bought a fat quarter bundle of Art Gallery Fabrics Woodland Fusion collection. I figured this would be a good project for this fabric. For the binding, I bought a meter black cotton twill for the trim and waistband and a meter of a black and white print fabric to use for the back of the apron. I chose not to use a pattern for this project. I decided to create a patchwork piece of fabric that could be made into an apron.

Using a long ruler and my rotary cutter, I cut a 2.5" strip from each of the fat quarters from Art Gallery Fabrics. I then used my diamond ruler to cut as many diamond pieces from each of the strips of fabric. Once all of my fabric pieces were cut, I arranged and sewed them to make a large enough piece of fabric for an apron. I probably could have made this slightly bigger, but since I wasn't working with a pattern, and this is the first patchwork apron I have ever made, I decided I was happy with size as is.

With all my diamond pieces sewn together, I trimmed the edges and cut the patchwork piece into a rectangle. I then cut out a rectangle in my backing fabric. I was going to stitch in the ditch between the diamonds to sew the top to the back, and create a diamond quilt pattern on the back of the apron, but for this project, I opted not to.

For the black fabric, I cut three 5" strips to use for the waistband, and one 3" strip for the trim.

The 3" strip of black fabric was the perfect length to bind 3 sides of the apron. I didn't need to trim the top, since that is where I planned to attach the waistband.

Two strips of the black fabric would have been enough to tie the apron in the back, but since I wanted the waistband to wrap around and tie in the front, I cut three 5" strips.

I love the reversibility of the apron. The graphic fabric used for the back is a nice contrast for the diamond patchwork of the front. I am thinking I would like to make an apron out of square fabric pieces, as well as one out of triangle pieces. The next apron I make will probably be slightly bigger, and I would probably round the bottom corners, as I feel the apron would sit a little better. I would also try to do some quilt stitching to provide some detail to the back of the apron.

I have enough fabric left from the Woodland Fusion fat quarter bundle, the black fabric, as well as the black and white print fabric, that I am thinking of making patchwork oven mitts to go with my apron.

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