Rustic Elegance Layer Cake Quilt

Rustic Elegance Layer Cake Quilt

A couple of years ago I bought two Rustic Elegance layer cakes. At the time, there was a bed set up in my craft room, and I thought the colours of the Rustic Elegance fabric line from Riley Blake would create a really pretty quilt that would co-ordinate well with the colour of the craft room walls. Now that I have finally finished this quilt, there is no longer a bed in the room to put it on, but I have a pretty quilt. The cats seem to love it, so I plan to keep it folded up on top of an ottoman I have in my craft room. Now the cats have a comfortable spot to curl up and hang out with me when I am sewing, bonus.

I knew when I bought these layer cakes that I wanted to make an easy block quilt. I didn't choose how to cut and assemble the fabric pieces until I decided to start working on this project. I opted to do a simple design by cutting each 10" square into two pieces, one which was 3.5" wide and the other 6.5" wide. Once all of the squares were cut, I mix and matched the 3.5" and 6.5" pieces, to create a fabric block that was 9.5" by 10". 

Once the pieces had been matched and sewn together, the blocks were then cut in half, to create 9.5" by 5" strips. These strips were then mixed and matched, and one strip rotated so that the smaller fabric pieces were diagonally across from each other. Each quilt block is now a 9.5" square consisting of four fabric pieces, two 3.5" by 5" and two 6.5" by 5".

With all of my blocks created, it is time to lay them out. I was going to rotate every other block, but ended up placing each block in the same direction. I tried not to place the same colours or prints next to each other, but that didn't really work out. It doesn't take away from the prettiness of the quilt.

I choose to use a turquoise print fabric for the backing. I tend to simply stitch in the ditch for my quilting, but I decided to do something different for this one. I opted to stitch straight lines vertically on either side of the vertical seams. I used an aqua coloured thread, as I wanted it to blend in with the backing fabric, but provide a little colour to the front of the quilt. I love the way it turned out. The colour of the quilting thread goes really well with the colours of the fabric.

For the binding, I picked out a solid coloured cotton in a darker turquoise. I seem to be drawn to binding that has a nice contrast to the quilt top. I wasn't sure if I was going to like the colour of the binding. I had a moment when I second guessed my choice of colour, and thought it was going to look bad. I decided to stick with my original choice, and thankfully, I like how it turned out.

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