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Hobbs Heirloom Cotton/Polyester Blend Batting - Crib Size

Hobbs Heirloom Cotton/Polyester Blend Batting - Crib Size

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Crib Size batting - 45" x 60"

Perfect for baby quilts, as well as small quilt projects including table runners, placemats, and wall hangings.

This batting is durable and machine-washable. It is good to quilt by hand or machine. It is made with a blend of  80% natural cotton and 20% fine polyester, is needle punched, and has a light resin bonding to provide exceptional strength and durability. Close quilting yields a flat, low-loft appearance, while more space between stitching lines yields a slightly higher loft.

This batting is unbleached and should be used with medium or dark fabrics. If used with light coloured fabrics, unbleached cotton can slightly darken white and light or pastel colours.

Quilting/stitching should be every 4″ inches, or closer, and quilters may experience shrinkage of 3-5%.

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